About the group exhibition HOME/AWAY


Home is associated with stability and safety, and the house is often the universal symbol as well as the physical manifestation of this concept.

In the North, where the hours of daylight are few, and the cold weather makes outdoor leisure seem less desirable, our home becomes part of our outer layer - like our clothes and our hair. It is where we express our personality and where we greet old friends and welcome new acquittances. But the sense of home, the feeling of being home, has to do with more than architecture and interior design.

In the series Hearth visual artist Lise Johansson (DK) explores the relationship between a person and place through her photo series of miniature scale models of classic Danish functionalist houses from the 50s, a style characterised by social commitment and the housing need of the time. Our home is our starting point. It is our base from where we can explore the world.

Michaela Maier's (DE) "From Here to Elsewhere" is a visual journey through northern Europe, her home in Berlin to the Middle East. These destinations become new starting points captured through their individual details and dynamic snapshots.

In the series "FLOCK" Thomas Suchy (DE/DK) explores the concept of home as a social structure through his portrayal of bird formations in changing environments. All over the world, people break with their physical home as well as their sense of belonging. These people seek the feeling of affiliation elsewhere, in a new community or even in another country.