Thank you for a wonderful reception of HOME/AWAY, our first group exhibition in Copenhagen.

We are truly grateful for your support and will be back with exciting news soon.

Meet the artists


Lise Johansson

We are super excited to have Lise Johansson exhibiting with us. Lise is a visual artist working within the field of analogue and digital photography. She lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Lise Johanssons work has been exhibited in numerous shows on 4 continents. For the last two years, she was awarded several prices. She is the 1st place winner in the Sony World Photography Awards in the National and the Enhanced Category, Open.

In her work themes of identity and belonging always come up. The images retain an uncanny balance between the natural and the constructed, playing with scale and perspective to make the viewer question what they see: to which extent are these images real and what reality do they represent?

2018-01-05 03.01.13 7.jpg

Michaela Maier

Michaela Maier lives and works in Berlin. We fell in love with her work last year. She has been part of last years Copenhagen Photo Festivals Censored Exhibition as well as group exhibitions in Italy and Germany.

Limitation has always been a main theme and is also reflected in the choice of medium. At the same time, this form of limitation offers maximum design freedom with only a few restrictions of a technical nature. On closer inspection, picture contents subtly intuitively describe philosophical questions.


Thomas Suchy

Thomas Suchy is a german visual artist, living and working in Copenhagen. He has been exhibiting in Germany, Denmark and Sweden before launching this platform.

His works centre around the themes of identity, relationships and the dynamics within and between them. It is in the grey zone between the private and the public, between real-life encounters and social media where he finds stories and ideas for his artworks.